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Before you buy

You've done your homework, and that's why you're here at Fuller Brush Vacuums. Deciding on which model to buy gets tricky, so let us help you figure out which vacuum is best for your home.

After you buy a Fuller Brush vacuum

Q: Which vacuum do you recommend for a home with pets that shed a lot?
A: First, we highly recommend a vacuum with HEPA filtration and a HEPA bag to keep the pet odors contained. Second, you’ll need a vacuum that can suck up a lot of hair and will agitate the carpet fibers to loosen up the dander that’s settled in the fibers. Tidy Maid and Mighty Maid are upright vacuums that are pros at cleaning up after your pet. Tidy Maid is a customer favorite for value and performance, but Mighty Maid has a carpet/floor switch to clean both bare floors and carpet. You can use the Power Wand on either vacuum to attach on-board tools for cleaning stairs, nooks in the couch, corners and all the places you find pet hair.

If you prefer a canister vacuum, consider the Power Team canister to lift and remove pet hair. On-board tools and a headlight help you clean carpets, floors, rugs, furniture and stairs.

And finally, if you’re short on space and don’t have much carpet, Power Maid is a powerhouse of a vacuum for removing pet hair from chairs, couches, stairs, and even your car.

Q: We suffer from airborne allergies. Which vacuums have HEPA filtration?
A: Good for you for shopping for a HEPA vacuum! Our Tidy Maid, Mighty Maid and Speedy Maid upright vacuums all offer HEPA filtration and optional HEPA bags. On the canister side, both the Power Team and Straight Suction canisters also have HEPA filters. And if you’re looking for a handheld vacuum that’s great for cleaning stairs and upholstery, the Power Maid features a HEPA filter, but remember it’s bagless, which means you won’t have a bag to trap the dirt as you’re emptying the dust cup.

Q: Which vacuum can clean baseboards, window blinds and upholstery along with floors?
A: For above-floor cleaning, you need tools. Consider the Tidy Maid and Mighty Maid uprights and our Power Team and Straight Suction canisters. Mighty Maid and Tidy Maid’s aluminum telescopic Power Wand extends your reach by over two feet to make cleaning blinds, baseboards and upholstery a breeze. Plus both machines have a natural bristle dusting brush and crevice tool on board. Fuller Brush Power Team and Straight Suction canisters feature wands that can disconnect from the floor nozzles and attach to on-board tools. Any of these vacuums will help you get the job done.
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Q: I have to vacuum multiple levels in my home. Which vacuum is lightest?
A: The Speedy Maid, our 8-pound lightweight vacuum. This vacuum only weighs as much as a new born baby, which makes it very easy to carry up and down the stairs in your home. But don’t be fooled by its lightweight, when it comes to carpet cleaning, the Speedy Maid outcleans vacuums twice or even three times its weight!

Q: Which vacuums can be used to clean bare floors, rugs and carpet?
A: In addition to cleaning carpet, the Mighty Maid is designed to clean wood floors and delicate rugs. Its Rug/Floor Selector transitions from carpet cleaning to bare floor and rug cleaning with the flip of a switch. Another option is the Fuller Brush Power Team canister which cleans all flooring surfaces from plush carpets to hardwood floors.

Q: I lost the owner’s manual that came with my vacuum. Where can I get another one?
A: Visit the Manuals and Troubleshooting page to download and print a copy of the owner’s manuals and warranty information.
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Q: Where can I buy more bags, belts, filters or accessories?
A: Click Where to Buy on the menu to see a list of online and retail store locations where you can buy not just bags, belts, filters, but also additional vacuum cleaners, tools and attachment kits.

Q: How often do I need to replace my bag and filter?
A: Replace the bag on your Tidy Maid, Mighty Maid and Speedy Maid when it is approximately two-thirds full. As the bag fills, the suction power of your vacuum is slightly reduced. So if you notice decreased performance, check your bag first and filter(s) second. Filters should be changed approximately every 6 bags.
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Q: My vacuum isn’t picking up dirt. How can I fix it?
A: There are multiple places to check, including your bag, hose, filter, brushroll and belt.

  1. Unplug your vacuum and check the bag. If it’s more than two-thirds full, change it.
  2. As you check the bag, check for clogs in the hose, especially in the area where the dirt enters the bag. If your model features a clean-out valve, open it and check for a clog there also.
  3. Check your filter and change it if necessary. Like a furnace filter, the dirtier it is, the less airflow you get.
  4. Turn the vacuum over and check your brushroll. Does it turn freely? If not, check to see if a string has wrapped around it and stopped it from moving. Cut the strings and remove them gently.
  5. Follow your owner’s manual instructions for removing the bottom plate and checking or replacing the belt.
  6. After checking these potential problems, be sure to depress the Thermal Reset button in the back of the vacuum, if your model has this feature. The reset feature protects your motor from damage.
  7. If none of these options works for you, take it to the store where you purchased the vacuum or to a Fuller Brush retail store for repair.

Q: How often do I need to replace my vacuum belt?
A: Any time your belt cracks, breaks or begins to smell like burning rubber, replace the belt. At least once a year you should check the belt, and it’s not a bad idea to replace it annually to make sure it keeps your brushroll turning well.

Q: Where can I get service on my Fuller Brush vacuum?
A: Call your local independent vacuum retailer to find out if they service Fuller Brush vacuum cleaners. Fuller Brush products have been a staple of many vacuum stores for years, so chances are your local retailer will be able to help you.
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For all other questions, contact Fuller Brush Vacuums.