Find the Perfect Vacuum for your College Student.

Meet Your New Maid

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For all the times you said, “I’m not your maid,” here’s your replacement. Great for cleaning bare floors and area rugs, Tiny Maid is a lightweight and compact canister vacuum.

Cleanest Floors in the Whole Dorm

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Vacuum and polish your floors at the same time with the Bare Floor Maid stick vacuum and it’s handy dandy microfiber pad.  Less time cleaning means more time for studying … or selfies!

Cut the Cord

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With no cord to tie you down, the Quick Maid makes quick work of your floors and area rugs and is sure to be borrowed by all of your neighbors, even that cute guy down the hall.

We’re Coming to Visit

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It doesn’t pick up dirty clothes, cups, spills or paper wads covering the floor, but you’ll be glad you sent Spiffy Maid to clean the bare floors and area rugs under and around the rest of the mess.

The Pick Up Artist

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For the late night munchie runs, this micro hand vacuum picks up crumbs, dust and dirt. An attachable hose and upholstery brush make it easier to clean in tight areas.

Vacuum 201

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With its spinning brushroll and detachable hose with built-in dusting brush, Power Maid is perfect for cleaning cars, stairs and upholstery in a college apartment.

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